Succulent care guide

To take proper care of your succulents here are a couple of tips for you plant to live a longer, stronger, and healthier life.

  • Place succulent in south facing window to give it ample lighting
  • Some varieties don't like direct sunlight. leaves may suddenly turn brown and be burned
  • Preffered temperatures are between 75%-80% and can get down as low as 40%
  • DO NOT OVER WATER...Succulents need to dry out in-between watering and may desire more in the summer and less in the winter
  • Dont fertilize during the winter when the plant goes dormant.


Signs of over watering

  • Plant leaves may become soft and yellow or a pale white.
  • Plant may appear droopy 
  • Plant roots may appear dark brown or black due to rotting 

Plants that have been overwatered may need to be trimmed back, and should never be sitting in water.

Signs of under watering

  • Plant will shed older leaves.
  • Develop brown spots on leaves

Remember that most succulents prefer more water in the summer/peak growing months 

Under exposure of light may cause the plant to flatted out to try to get more light, if you notice this try to place the plant in a area with more filtered lighting